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“Grab your tea and notepad and become a World Class Vet right from your comfy chair”

WSAVA President

Dr Ellen van Nierop

What's does the Academy offer?

  • Guidelines - (coming soon)

    Our WSAVA Global Guidelines have been transformed into courses. Learn more about nutrition, vaccinations, dentistry and much more!

  • Lectures

    Have access to the recordings of state-of-the-art lectures from all WSAVA World Congresses. From ophthalmology, to behaviour to practice management.

  • CE Credit

    Receive a certificate once you have completed a course. These certificates can be submitted to fulfill your CE credits.

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  • How do I access the videos?

    You have to sign up for an account to be able to access all videos and courses.

  • Who validates the content?

    The WSAVA Scientific Committee reviews all courses to ensure its scientific validity

  • Can I create a course to be included on the Academy?

    Yes, you can create a course to be included on the Academy. However, all course proposals have to be validated and approved by the WSAVA Scientific Committee.