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    Hereditary Diseases in Dogs

    • Introduction

    • The 10 Most Common Hereditary Diseases in Dogs

    • The Role of Veterinarians in Managing Hereditary Diseases in Dogs



Jerold S Bell DVM is Adjunct Professor of Genetics at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Massachusetts, USA. Dr. Bell chairs the Hereditary Disease Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Medical Association, is a member of the Board of Directors of the OFA, and the AKC Canine Health & Welfare Advisory Panel. He is author of “Veterinary Medical Guide to Dog & Cat Breeds”. He was trained in genetics and genetic counseling at Michigan State University and University of Missouri. His DVM is from Cornell University. He practices small animal medicine and surgery at Freshwater Veterinary Hospital in Enfield, CT.

Jerold Bell (DVM)

Chair of the WSAVA Hereditary Disease Committee



Åke Hedhammar DVM, M Sc, PhD is now senior Professor in Internal Medicine – Small Animals and Dipl. in Internal Medicine –Companion Animals and still involved in research mainly on the epidemiology and genomics of spontaneously occurring complex traits in dogs (diseases and behavior) serving as models also for their human counterparts . He also keeps on serving as scientific advisor and veterinary consultant to the Swedish Kennel Club. Initiator of and project leader of the establishment of a Small Animal Epidemiology group at SLU 1994 Main applicant and coordinator Strategic Funding SLU 4 MSEK / year on Canine Models of complex diseases and behaviour variation (2002 – 2006) and initiator of The Dog DNA group at SLU and UU. Initiator of the Swedish Dog Genetics group and The national Canine Biobank 2002 Node coordinator for SLU in the Large scale integrated project submitted for funding by EU 7th framework on Health “Unravelling the molecular basis of complex human disorders using the dog as model system”. Initiator of the 1st International Dog Health workshop held in Stockholm 2012.

Åke Hedhammar (DVM, MSc, PhD)

Professor in Internal Medicine

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